Years Of Service

Years of Service

This Page is dedicated to the years of continous service each individual has played in the VWDL by maintaining at least the minimum number of seven(7) nights each year.
Well done Ladies!


All Divisions
NamePrevous Name(s)Start DateYears of ServiceActive or Not
Donna MayKelly197543Yes
Darlene Rainey197543Yes
June White197543Yes
Marlyn Butler197642Yes
Chris Cole197939Yes
Connie Bowlier198137Yes
Debbie Williams198236Yes
Shirley ChampionSloos198335Yes
Bonnie Kormansek198335Yes
Debbie WhiteButler / Ryan198335Yes
Faye Bligh198533Yes
Mary MacKinnonSouter198533Yes
Susan BowlierRedden198731Yes
Laura RobertsonSumner / Brown198731Yes
Jean Wight198830Yes
Chris Crawley198929Yes
Donna Doyle198929Yes
Tamara Zicari198929Yes
Carol Allan199028Yes
Sylvia Fehr199028Yes
Terry Aitken199127Yes
Mandy Fleck199127Yes
Kim LeQuesneDashwood199226Yes
Sharon Crews199325Yes
Temple Smith199325Yes
Fawn Fairbairn199424Yes
Zandra OlneyKudra199424Yes
Sheri Robinson199424Yes
Beverly van Druten-Blaisvan Druten199424Yes
Jeannie CaspersenNaylor199523Yes
Barb Csinos199523Yes
Kerry Shumka199523Yes
Terry Sproule199523Yes
Linda Stephens199523Yes
Sandra Crews199622Yes
Cindy LacroixMaguire199622Yes
Sue Myra199622Yes
Joanne Stewart199622Yes
Colleen AndersonRoberts / Spencer199721Yes
Sally (Sarah) Lake199721Yes
Robyn PattersonHornby199721Yes
Doreen Ranville199721Yes
Maureen RanvilleWorth199721Yes
Johanna EmerickHebdon199820Yes
Diane HollingworthLushaw199820Yes
Susan Ingram199820Yes
Jenn McNeillWaite199820Yes
Lisa Wright199820Yes
Kathy Bouchard199919Yes
Tricia Hope199919Yes
Audrey Livingstone199919Yes
Lores Watson200018Yes
Joy LovelaceBurghardt200117Yes
Nicole JacksonCharlie200216Yes
Barbara Kent200216Yes
Doreen Redman200216Yes
Emilie Carretero200315Yes
Darlene HammondMarcinek200315Yes
Chris Rutledge200315Yes
Rachelle Warner200315Yes
Seana Whitman200315Yes
Debbie Belanger200414Yes
Janet Gillies200414Yes
Nicole Partington200414Yes
Linda Tugwood200414Yes
Jacqui Bodley-Scott200513Yes
Charisma BrandtCrawley / MacLeod200513Yes
Tina Fotheringham200513Yes
Betty Mackie200513Yes
Maureen Nicholls200513Yes
Angela Ray200513Yes
Lisa WeirSmall200513Yes
Pat Pelletier200612Yes
Tina Schaefer200612Yes
Jaime Daum200711Yes
Susan Gill200711Yes
Annie Grey200711Yes
Yvonne McArthur200711Yes
Kim Bell200810Yes
Joslin Clark200810Yes
Sue Gagliani200810Yes
Lesley Goodwin200810Yes
Meadow GwiltJohnston200810Yes
Debbie Nordbruget200810Yes
Marcia Orr200810Yes
Debbie Shanks200810Yes
Faye Andrade20099Yes
Deanne Chee20099Yes
Jeannie Connors20099Yes
Jane EllensWatts20099Yes
Shirley Fraik20099Yes
Niki GollmerSayles20099Yes
Chardelle Lalonde20099Yes
Jessie Murray20099Yes
Lori Skinner20099Yes
Lisa Ziraldo20099Yes
Belinda (Bea) LeBlanc20108Yes
Lori Parker20108Yes
Jeannine Rovas20108Yes
Jane Stewart20108Yes
Jackee StricklandRich20108Yes
Tammy Bilton20117Yes
Marles Bravendar20117Yes
Tracy MacDonald20117Yes
Susan McDormand20117Yes
Chelsea Myra20117Yes
Gail Paul20117Yes
Sherry Pitts20117Yes
Carol Robins20117Yes
Barb Whitman20117Yes
Louise WymoreWhipple20117Yes
Carol Botrakoff20126Yes
Wanda Cameron20126Yes
Jean Leibel20126Yes
Lois Marsh20126Yes
Sandra McArthur20126Yes
Wanda ParryBailey20126Yes
Gail Pearson20126Yes
Beth Ratchford20126Yes
Anna Reburn20126Yes
Shannon ScottBravender20126Yes
Jeannie Burns20135Yes
Linda Carnell20135Yes
Candina Collard20135Yes
Gail Devine20135Yes
Jo-Anne DiGeorgio20135Yes
Brenda Dunn20135Yes
Amanda Flarrow20135Yes
Pauline GravesPurnell / Wood20135Yes
Sundee Mair20135Yes
Mishaela Ranville20135Yes
Joy Scott20135Yes
Nancy Sermons20135Yes
Katie Smith20135Yes
Lorie Stevenson20135Yes
Chaundra Wells20135Yes
Kim BateSmith20144Yes
Gay ChiassonFranz20144Yes
Peggy DavidsonCleghorn20144Yes
Melanie De Boer20144Yes
Brianne Desiatnyk20144Yes
Angela Fleet20144Yes
Jolayne Gammon20144Yes
Diana Hartl20144Yes
Carmen Johnston20144Yes
Lesley LeQuesne20144Yes
Meagan Mack20144Yes
Pam MacKenzieRiley20144Yes
Lisa Meyer20144Yes
Carol Mitchell20144Yes
Meghan Orr20144Yes
Kathleen Stinson20144Yes
Charleen Thomas20144Yes
Tracy Thompson20144Yes
Stacy Watson20144Yes
Siobhan Whitman20144Yes