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VWDL Tournament Event
Results 2007-2008

Irene Hornosty Memorial Shoot

1st Place Linda Stephens and Carol Robins
2nd Place Mary MacKinnon and Betty Mackie
3rd Place Jacqui Bodley-Scott and Gay Chaisson
4th Place Kerry Shumka and Zandra Olney

Divisional Singles Shoot - A Division

1st Place Fawn Fairbairn
2nd Place Mandy Fleck
3rd Place Mary MacKinnon
4th Place Maureen Ranville

Divisional Singles Shoot - B Division

1st Place Kim Bate
2nd Place Vi Kuusisto
3rd Place Carol Robins
4th Place Seana Whitman

Christmas Triples Shoot

1st Place Johanna Emerick, Chris Rutledge, Mandy Fleck
2nd Place Sally Lake, Vi Kuusisto, Bonnie Horner
3rd Place Nicole Charlie, Amanda Pereira, Kerry Shumka
4th Place Angela Fleet, Gina Jones, Maureen Ranville

January Doubles Shoot

1st Place Betty Mackie & Tina Schaefer
2nd Place Mandy Fleck & Marlyn Butler
3rd Place Fawn Fairbairn & Maureen Ranville
4th Place Catherine Heal & Temple Smith

Sweetheart Tournament

1st Place Mandy Fleck & Roger Lavigne
2nd Place Mary MacKinnon & Jake MacKinnon
3rd Place Shirley Legare & Len Legare
4th Place Debbie Ryan & Terry White

Percy Tournament

1st Place April Harbottle & Darlene Rainey
2nd Place Jennifer Adams & Lisa Horner
3rd Place Beverly van Druten-Blais & Bonnie Kormansek
4th Place Barb Csinos & Linda Stephens

League Cup

1st Place Dew Drops
2nd Place Tasmanian Devils
3rd Place Monarchs
4th Place Tequila Shooters

Captains & Executive Shoot

1st Place Mandy Fleck
2nd Place Angie Ray
3rd Place Wanda Parry
4th Place Darlene Rainey

A Division Awards

Top Teams
Tasmanian Devils
Dew Drops
She Devils
High Finish:
Barb Csinos - 148
High Score:
Faye Bligh, Mandy Fleck, Jan Gillies - 171
High Doubles:
Mandy Fleck - 83.67%
High Singles:
Joy Lovelace (2)
Mary MacKinnon
Kerry Shumka
Temple Smith
Bonnie Kormansek
Sally Lake
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Dart B's
Top Ten A Division All Stars
1: Temple Smith
2: Mandy Fleck
3: Mary MacKinnon
4: Doreen Ranville
5: Tina Schaefer
6: Joy Lovelace
7: Charisma MacLeod
8: Fawn Fairbairn
9: Kerry Shumka
10: Nicole Charlie

B Division Awards

Top Teams
Flyng Eagles
High Finish:
Zandra Olney - 137
High Score:
Carmen Bentley, Pat Brown - 171
High Doubles:
Jenn Waite, Carol Robins - 75%
High Singles:
Diane Hollingworth
Jean Wight
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Pooh Bears
Top Ten B Division All Stars
1: Jenn Waite
2: Betty Mackie
3: Terry Aitken
4: Carol Robins
5: Pat Pelletier
6: Helen Gooding
7: Karen Maxwell
8: Carmen Bentley
9: Sandy Hope
Diane Hollingworth
Maureen Nichols