League Cup


The Victoria Womens Dart League has a tradition of scheduling cross divisional matches during the play season. At one time these matches were played on a separate evening from the regular league matches.

The League Cup matches will be slotted into the play schedule. The initial team opponents will be randomly drawn.

The first League Cup Round will be played on Thursday, October 31, 2019.
The second League Cup Round will be held on Thursday, January, 2 2020.
The final League Cup Round will be held on Sunday, April 19, 2020, starting at 1PM

PLEASE NOTE: Please remember to play only 5 singles matches. No ties for League Cup.

PLEASE NOTE: First round Home teams are to provide Gift Card for the Christmas Triples Shoot and Away teams will provide Gift Card for the Percy Shoot.

The Final Four Teams are:
Dart Slingers She Devils Taz Devils Who Darted

The draw for the SECOND round is as follows:
Home vs Away
Dart Bratz vs Who Darted
Them Broads vs Dart Slingers
Malibu's vs Taz Devils
She Devils vs Lions

The draw for the FIRST round is as follows:
(Christmas Triples Gift Card)
vs Away
(Percy Gift Card)
Dart Bratz vs BYE
Who Darted vs Pooh Bears
D.N.A. vs Dart Slingers
Dew Drops vs Malibu's
Them Broads vs Misfits
Rowdies vs Taz Devils
Flying Eagles vs Lions
She Devils vs Darty Minds