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VMTL Tournament Event
Results 2016-2017

Christmas Charity Shoot

1st Place Katie Smith & Ray Lindahl
2nd Place Darlene Rainey & Rob Long
3rd Place JoAnne DiGeorgia & Ernest Parsons
4th Place Lamont French & Chris Cyr

Valentines Shoot

1st Place Meghan Orr & Nory Partosa
2nd Place Tracy MacDonald & Vaughn Leigh
3rd Place Debbie Nordbruget & Scott Day
4th Place Marlyn Butler & Ed Butler Sr

Masters Challenge Cup

1st Place The Family
2nd Place Is It In
3rd Place The Closers
4th Place Hell Razors

Captains' & Executive Shoot

1st Place Chris Cyr & JR MacDonald – Closers
2nd Place Susan MacDormand & Len Legare – Hell Razors
3rd Place Rob Long & Ed Butler Sr – The Family
4th Place KJ Reynolds & Dante Bonifacio – Island Batteries

A Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: XXXTremes
2nd: The Family
3rd: Closers
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Rob Graham (MVP) Island Batteries
  • Colleen Anderson (MVP) Spearchuckers
  • Karen Witty, Ben Wold (MVP) Shafts & Tips
  • Laurie West (MIP) Island Batteries
  • Nick Saulner (MIP)Closers
  • Carmen Johnston (MIP) Pierced Triples
  • Bea Leblanc, Rick Laker, Blair McKinnon, Jeannie Casperson (MIP) Shafts & Tips
  • James Lachmund (MIP) Spearchuckers
  • Jo-Jo Partosa (MIP) Wreckers
Men's High Average
1st: Rob Graham 95.24%
2nd: Ray Lindahl 92.31%
3rd: Malcom Barker 88.89%
Women's High Average
1st: Tina Schaefer 83.33%
2nd: Barb Csinos 64.71%
3rd: Meghan Orr 59.09%
Most Hospital Venue
Tally Ho
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Shafts & Tips

B Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: TNT
2nd: Is It In
3rd: Blackfish
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Tony Steele (MVP) Blackfish
  • Mike Vedonia (MVP) Brewbryds
  • Ed & Johanna Emerick, Chris Crawley, Nick Wams, Steve Cunningham, Len Legare, Mark Webber, Susan McDormand, Carol Robins (MVP) Hell Razors
  • Zandra Olney (MVP) Bullies
  • Chris Lammie (MIP) Blackfish
  • Chris Shaughnessy (MIP) Da'Bulls
  • Nick Wams (MIP) Hell Razors
  • Meadow Gwilt (MIP) Is It In
  • Lois Marsh (MIP) Bullies
  • Olivia Bult (MIP) Sticks & Feathers
  • Chris Smyth (MIP) TNT
Men's High Average
1st: Rory Hansen 92.31%
2nd: Mark Alexcee 89.29%
3rd: Jeffrey March 88.46%
Women's High Average
1st: Doreen Ranville 80.77%
2nd: Maureen Ranville 61.54%
3rd: Debbie Nordbruget 60.00%
Most Hospital Venue
James Bay Inn
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Sticks & Feathers

C Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Flights Up
2nd: Conspiracy
3rd: DUI
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Brian Cooper (MVP) Board Stiff
  • Steve Anderson (MVP) Conspiracy
  • Duncan Watts (MVP) DUI
  • Justin Hill (MVP) Flights Up
  • Holger Witte, Neil Laur, Ron Hartshorne, Faye Andrade, Linda Tugwood, Danielle Graham, Fed Predon, Justin Sanderson, Darrin Tufford (MVP) Predators
  • Joe Chiasson (MVP) The Mob
  • Jon Blinn (MIP) Board Stiff
  • Mia Hillman (MIP) Conspiracy
  • Jeff Forseth (MIP) DUI
  • Al Thomson (MIP) Flights Up
  • Fed Predon (MIP) Predators
  • Shelly Shirk (MIP) The Mob
Men's High Average
1st: Angus Ek 100.00%
2nd: Dallas Standlund 94.74%
3rd: Justin Hill 92.00%
Women's High Average
1st: Katie Smith 68.18%
2nd: Gail Zalazar 65.38%
3rd: Michele McPhee 52.63%
Most Hospital Venue
James Bay Inn
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Flights Up

D Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Tubgirls
2nd: Tally Up
3rd: Just The Tip
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Andrew Martin (MVP) Just The Tip
  • Erich Tworuschka Sr. & Jr., Dylan Tworuschka, Steve Bennet, Tyler McPherson (MVP) Tally Up
  • Nick Halloway (MIP) Just The Tip
  • Bonnie Eisen (MIP) Rock Bottom
  • Kelly MaKenny (MIP) Tubgirls
Men's High Average
1st: Brent Falkins 95.45%
2nd: Conrad Newell 91.67%
3rd: Kwai Lam 57.89%
Women's High Average
1st: Lori Martin & Janet Gillies 66.67%
3rd: Marles Bravender 57.89%
Most Hospital Venue
Britannia Legion
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Cherry Poppers