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VMTL Tournament Event
Results 2009-2010

Christmas Charity Shoot

1st Place Bill Hammond Jr & Alycia Hope
2nd Place Jeffrey March & Mandy Fleck
3rd Place Todd Strickland & Faye Bligh
4th Place Bryce Book & John Aitken

Valentines Shoot

1st Place Alycia Hope & Bill Hammond Jr
2nd Place Coleen Anderson & Jeff Johnson
3rd Place Mandy Fleck & Roger Lavigne
4th Place Sandy Pachkowsky & Bryce Book

Masters Challenge Cup

1st Place Spearchuckers
2nd Place Brewers
3rd Place The Family
4th Place Sticks & Feathers

Captains' & Executive Shoot

1st Place Chris Cyr & Jayson Harris
2nd Place Dave Bonifacio & Roy Aguilar
3rd Place Len Legare & Rob Long
4th Place Edward Butler Sr & Sharon Crews

Canterbury Award

Len Legare

A Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Spearchuckers
2nd: Wreckers
3rd: Brewers
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Pam Riley - Sticks & Feathers
  • Andy Johnson - BrewByrds
  • Greg Rhodes - Bounty Hunters
  • Ray Lindahl - Spearchuckers
  • Alycia Hope - Spearchuckers
  • Che Cruikshank - Phoenix Fire
  • Ron Rieberger - Bounty Hunters
  • Roy Peters - The Family
  • Jeffrey March - Brewers
  • Mary MacKinnon - Wreckers
Men's High Average
1st: Bryce Book
2nd: Ed Butler Sr
3rd: Todd Strickland
Women's High Average
1st: Mandy Fleck
2nd: Tina Schaefer
3rd: Mary MacKinnon
Most Hospital Venue
Britannia Legion
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Bounty Hunters, BrewByrds, The Family, Sticks & Feathers

B Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Castle Keepers
2nd: Blackfish
3rd: Devil Hunters
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Duncan McNicole - Blackfish
  • Wally LeBlanc - Bullies
  • Lorraine Condon - Castle Keepers
  • Betty Cote - Conspiracy
  • Roy Aguilar - Devil Hunters
  • Nathan Bilton - Panthers
  • Ken Coward - Bullies
  • Wes McCormick - Conspiracy
  • Michelle Dubois - Closers
  • Dave Bonifacio - Devil Hunters
  • Glorietta Olaer - Devil Hunters
  • Lara McRae - Panthers
Men's High Average
1st: Chris Cyr
2nd: Von Aguilar
3rd: Dave Bonifacio
Women's High Average
1st: Joslin Clarke
2nd: Faye Bligh
3rd: Debbie Belanger
Most Hospital Venue
James Bay Inn
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Bullies, Devil Hunters & Predators

C Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Where's My Darts
2nd: Legionnaires
3rd: The Mob
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Carol Botrakoff - Dragons
  • Bill McKenzie - Flukers
  • Ann Stewart - The Mob
  • Uta Garost - My Dart Team
  • Kathy Bouchard - Pythons
  • Laura Ritchie - Where's My Darts
  • Dave Brewin - Flukers
  • Angie Ray - The Mob
  • Karen Witty - My Dart Team
  • Steve Young - My Dart Team
  • Shelly Shirk - Wild Bunch
  • Ben Gollmer - Where's My Darts
Men's High Average
1st: Ben Gollmer
2nd: Craig Arnold
3rd: Kirk Ness
Women's High Average
1st: Janet Gillies
2nd: Carol Robins
3rd: Tina Fotheringham
Most Hospital Venue
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Where's My Darts & Wild Bunch