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VMTL Tournament Event
Results 2004-2005

Icebreaker Charity Shoot

1st Place Shirley Champion & Len Legare
2nd Place Doreen Ranville & Paul Awalt
3rd Place Mandy Fleck & Ken Coward
4th Place

Christmas Charity Shoot

1st Place Mandy Fleck & Paulo Soares
2nd Place Debbie Ryan & Ken Dexter
3rd Place Debbie Bélanger & Ed Butler Sr
4th Place

Valentines Shoot

1st Place Mandy Fleck & Roger Lavigne
2nd Place Debbie Ryan & Clinton Clarkson
3rd Place Marlyn Butler & Ed Butler Sr
4th Place Kim Bell & Paul Awalt

Masters Challenge Cup

1st Place XXXtremes
2nd Place Freedom Fighters
3rd Place 3 in a Bed
4th Place Brewbyrds

Captains' & Executive Shoot

1st Place Brian Tulloch & Chris Olsten - Sticks & Feathers
2nd Place John Wingert & John Bissell - Bullshooters
3rd Place Rob Long & Chris Spencer - 3 in a Bed
Ron Pearson & Paul Schmidt - Redeyes

Canterbury Award

Beverly van Druten Blais

A Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Freedom Fighters
2nd: XXXtremes
3rd: Wreckers
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Sharon Hammond (MIP) Brewers
  • Randy Hartlen (MIP) Bullies
  • Katie Smith (MIP) Closers
  • Lorraine Condon (MIP) Freedom Fighters
  • Todd Strickland, Kim Bate, Peter March (MIP) Spearchuckers
  • Ed Butler Jr (MIP) The Family
  • Lyle Shuler (MIP) Wreckers
  • Gail Hunter (MIP) XXXtremes
Men's High Average
1st: Bill Hammond Jr - Brewers
2nd: Derek Archer - XXXtremes
3rd: Clint Clarkson - XXXtremes
Women's High Average
1st: Anna Marie Shuler - Wreckers
2nd: Mandy Fleck - The Family
3rd: Faye Bligh - Freedom Fighters
Most Hospital Venue
Sooke River Inn
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Spearchuckers & XXXtremes

B Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Sticks & Feathers
2nd: Hit Squad
3rd: Redeyes
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Dennis Turnbull (MIP) Sticks & Feathers
  • Monte Sansregret (MIP) Hit Squad
  • Simon Moylan (MIP) Redeyes
  • Ray Ek, Chris Ek (MIP) Alley Kats
  • Gay Chiasson, Shone Langlois (MIP) Villains
  • Selena Lidstone (MIP) X-It Onlys
  • Neil Laur (MIP) Launchers
  • Greg Savage (MIP) Predators
Men's High Average
1st: KJ Reynolds - Hit Squad
2nd: Dave Roed - Villains
3rd: Brian Tulloch - Sticks & Feathers
Women's High Average
1st: Lori Skinner - Hit Squad
2nd: Carol Robins - Alley Kats
3rd: Darlene Rainey - Hit Squad
Most Hospital Venue
Friday's Sports Bar
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Predators & Sticks & Feathers

C Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: 3 in a Bed
2nd: JBI Pods
3rd: Hurtin' Tuesdays
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Al Sutton, Barb Csinos (MIP) 3 in a Bed
  • Terry Mader, Brian Dorrington (MIP) JBI Pods
  • Richard Soderquist (MIP) Hurtin' Tuesdays
  • Tony Steele (MIP) Blackfish
  • Darryn Marshall (MIP) Panthers
  • Michael Greene (MIP) Six Shooters
  • Brad Young, Shawn Mann (MIP) Legionnaires
  • Bob Paulsen (MIP) Bounty Hunters
Men's High Average
1st: Brian Dorrington - JBI Pods
2nd: Wally LeBlanc - Six Shooters
3rd: Dale Crewe - Legionnaires
Women's High Average
1st: Barb Csinos - 3 in a Bed
2nd: Tina Schaefer - JBI Pods
3rd: Kim Wurban - Six Shooters
Most Hospital Venue
James Bay Inn Pub
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Blackfish & Six Shooters

D Division Awards

Final Standings
1st: Brewbyrds
2nd: Survivors
3rd: Bullshooters
Most Valuable/Most Improved Players
  • Tanya Edestrand (MIP) Brewbyrds
  • Kelly Edmiston, Theresa Gowanlock, Mark Andrews, Sharon Wilcox, Dan Milmine (MIP) Survivors
  • Joanne Fryia (MIP) Conspiracy
  • Patti Stoutenberg, Dave Burley, Sue Burley (MIP) Bullshooters
  • Dan Maley (MIP) Pythons
  • Linda Charlton (MIP) The Mob
  • Janet Gillis, Craig Arnold (MIP) Hellibutts
  • Chris Rutledge (MIP) Nutz 'n Boltz
Men's High Average
1st: Jeffery March - Survivors
2nd: Brian Fryia - Conspiracy
3rd: Glenn McLean - Survivors
John Bissell - Bullshooters
Women's High Average
1st: Wendy Telford - Lost Cherries
2nd: Terry Aitken - Pythons
3rd: Louise Wymore - Pythons
Most Hospital Venue
Boston Pizza - Saanich Plaza
Most Sportsmanlike Team
Bullshooters & The Mob