VMTL Membership

The VMTL welcomes new teams and players for the 2018/2019 season which starts on Monday, September 10, 2018.

Please see the list (below) of team captains who have expressed a need to recruit players.
If you are a team captain and are looking for players, please contact:

VMTL President (see Board of Directors) or call the DartsVictoria Hotline at #250-391-9346 and your contact information will be added to the list.


Teams and individuals considering joining the Victoria Mixed Tactics League are encouraged to consult the following definitions:

The League
The Team
The Member
The VMTL Constitution & By-Laws

Mail team registrations
before August 17th to:
Or contact:

Victoria Mixed Tactics League
Station B,
PO Box 5435 Fort Street,
Victoria, BC, CA
V8R 6S4

Darts Victoria Hotline: (250) 391-9346
(VMTL Voicemail Box - #1)

E-Mail: Darts membership


Individuals with any amount of experience are also encouraged to contact the league executive. Please provide a contact name and telephone number where you can be reached in the evening. Please also indicate your gender and what level of experience you have. This information will be made available to team captains who are looking for players to fill their rosters. Even if you've never thrown a dart in your life, remember... ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS ARE WELCOME!


The following are "unofficial" and abbreviated descriptions of what constitutes the League, a team and a member. Where there exists any discrepancy between the following definitions and the League's current By-Laws, the By-Laws should be deemed the authority.

The League

The league is defined as a registered non-profit society formed under the Associations Act of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

As such, the league exists to:

  • provide the opportunity to play the game of "Tactics" within a league structure;
  • promote and support recreational darts within the Capital City Regional District and beyond (Victoria, BC, CA);
  • raise funds for charitable purposes.

The league is currently divided into 5 divisions (A-E). Each division is made up of 8 teams of at least 8 players each (except for E division which has 5 teams). The number of teams in the lowest division is based on the number of teams registered with the league. The top two teams within a division (as of the end of the season) are promoted to the next higher division for the following season. The bottom two teams are relegated. New teams will always be assigned to the lowest division.

The regular season begins in September and carries through into May with a number of tournaments and other events taking place before, during and after the regular season. Tournaments will include both pairs and team- based competition, and may be either "open" or "closed" to non-members. Other events will include such items as a year end banquet and awards ceremony, General Meetings, etc.

Regular season play occurs mostly each Monday evening, starting at 7:30 PM at the venue of the designated "home team" for that week. Tournaments typically occur on a weekend at any of several possible venues.

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The Team

  • A team should carry at least 8 members in good standing. More than 8 members is both permitted and encouraged, to a maximum of 15 regular members. Players new to the league are considered to be "in good standing".
  • A minimum of at least two players of each gender is mandatory for all teams. Teams must have a designated home venue that meets the Bylaws specifications.
  • A team must have a designated captain.
  • A team must have a team name unique from any other team in the league.
  • A team may recruit new members as late as the halfway point in the regular season, after which no new members may join the team unless approved by the Board of Directors.
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The Member

  • Membership in the Victoria Mixed Tactics League is open to any and all individuals who are at least 19 years of age.
  • Continuing membership is premised on having maintained a good standing with the league as defined by the league's bylaws.
  • All players must be a member of a team and a member of no more than one team.