2008/09 RESULTS

Canterbury Award - Marlyn Butler
Darts Victoria Icebreaker Charity Shoot 2008
Christmas Charity Shoot -
November 2008
1st Place Fred Predon & Len Legare 1st Place Tina Schaefer & Andre Belanger
2nd Place Doreen Ranville & Tina Schaefer 2nd Place Mandy Fleck & Peter Hutchinson
3rd Place Phil Brown & Peter Hutchinson 3rd Place Chris Olsten & Steve Potts
4th Place Kim Bate & Ken Dexter 4th Place Len Legare & Tom MacLeod
Valentines Shoot - 2009 Masters Challenge Cup - 2009
1st Place Mandy Fleck & Roger Lavigne 1st Place Spearchuckers
2nd Place Tina Schaefer & Todd Strickland 2nd Place Wreckers
3rd Place Lisa & Al Wright 3rd Place Family
4th Place Doreen Ranville & Ernie Parsons 4th Place Goosebumps
Captains and Executive Shoot - 2009
1st Place
Doreen Ranville and Mark Gwilt
2nd Place
Bill Hope and Len Legare
3rd Place
Kim Bate and Mandy Fleck
4th Place
Doug Richard and Wes McCormick
Top Teams
Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st Spearchuckers Ben Gollner (Brewbyrds) Deb Hartlen (Bullies)
2nd Brewers Darlene Rainey (Brewers) Hugh Avery (Goosebumps)
3rd Wreckers Ken Coward (Bullies) Ray Lindahl (Spearchuckers)
Shane Morton (Closers) Bert Earl (Wreckers)
Top High Average Men Sharon Crews (Family)
1st Mark Farrell (92.31%) Goosebumps Sandy Hope (Spearchuckers)
2nd Len Legare (89.29%) Brewers
3rd Terry White (88.89%) Spearchuckers
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Mandy Fleck (73.91%) Family Britannia Legion ( Closers, Wreckers, Brewers)
2nd Barb Csinos (73.68%) Spearchuckers Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Doreen Ranville (56.00%) Wreckers Brewbyrds
Top Teams Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st Sticks & Feathers Kerrie West (Blackfish) Wes McCormick (Conspiracy)
2nd Bounty Hunters Sam Holden (Bounty Hunters) Derek Murdock (Legionaires)
3rd Panthers Don Kelly (Panthers)
Feb Predan (Predators)
Top High Average Men Jason MacKenzie (Sticks & Feathers)
1st Todd Strickland (100.00%) Sticks & Feathers
2nd Wally Leblanc (96.43%) Stick & Feathers
3rd Nick Saulnier (88.46%) Panthers

Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Tina Schaefer (76.00%) Sticks & Feathers James Bay Inn (Blackfish, Predators)
2nd Donna Grindley (71.43%) Predators Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Debbie Belanger (60.00%) Blackfish Whale Watchers / Sticks & Feathers
Top Teams Most Improved Players per Team
1st Castle Keepers Glo Olaer (Devil Hunters) Dave Bonifiaco (Devil Hunters)
2nd Devil Hunters Carol Botrakoff (Dragons) Mark Alexcee (Mob)
3rd Mob Bill MacKenzie (Hellibuts)
Shelley Turney (Wild Bunch)
Top High Average Men
1st Norm Shatilla (95.00%) Castle Keepers
2nd Jojo Partosa (90.48%) Devil Hunters
3rd Lindsay Ritchie (87.50%) Devil Hunters

Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Janet Gilles (80.00%) Hellibuts Britannia Legion (Dragons)
2nd Lorraine Condon (78.95%) Castle Keepers Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Faye Bligh (59.09%) Castle Keepers Wild Bunch