2004/05 RESULTS

Canterbury Award
Beverly van Druten Blais
Darts Victoria Icebreaker Charity Shoot
August 18, 2004
Christmas Charity Shoot -
November 21, 2004
1st Place Shirley Champion &
Len Legare
1st Place Mandy Fleck & Paulo Soares
2nd Place Doreen Ranville &
Paul Awalt
2nd Place Debbie Ryan & Ken Dexter
3rd Place Mandy Fleck &
Ken Coward
3rd Place Debbie BĂ©langer & Ed Butler Sr.
4th Place Beverly VDB &
Graham Godfrey
4th Place Lori Skinner & Rob Long
Valentines Shoot - January 30, 2005
Masters Challenge Cup - April 17, 2005
1st Place Mandy Fleck &
Roger Lavigne
1st Place XXXtremes
2nd Place Debbie Ryan &
Clinton Clarkson
2nd Place Freedom Fighters
3rd Place Marlyn Butler &
Ed Butler Sr.
3rd Place 3 in a Bed
4th Place Kim Bell &
Paul Awalt
4th Place Brewbyrds
Captains and Executive Shoot - April 3, 2005
1st Place
Brian Tulloch & Chris Olsten Sticks & Feathers
2nd Place
John Wingert & John Bissell Bullshooters
Joint 3rd
Rob Long & Chris Spencer 3 in a Bed
Joint 3rd
Ron Pearson & Paul Schmidt Redeyes
Top Teams
Most Improved Players per Team
1st Freedom Fighters Brewers Sharon Hammond
2nd XXXtremes Bullies Randy Hartlen
3rd Wreckers Closers Katie Smith
Freedom Fighters Lorraine Condon
Top High Average Men Spearchuckers Todd Strickland, Kim Bate, Peter March
1st Bill Hammond Jr. - Brewers The Family Ed Butler Jr.
2nd Derek Archer - XXXtremes Wreckers Lyle Shuler
3rd Clint Clarkson - XXXtremes XXXtremes Gail Hunter
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Anna Marie Shuler - Wreckers Sooke River Inn
2nd Mandy Fleck - The Family Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Faye Bligh - Freedom Fighters Spearchuckers & XXXtremes
Top Teams Most Improved Players per Team
1st Sticks & Feathers Sticks & Feathers Dennis Turnbull
2nd Hit Squad Hit Squad Monte Sansregret
3rd Redeyes Redeyes Simon Moylan
Alley Kats Ray Ek, Chris Ek
Top High Average Men Villains Gay Chiasson, Shone Langlois
1st K.J. Reynolds - Hit Squad X-It Onlys Selena Lidstone
2nd Dave Roed - Villains Launchers Neil Laur
3rd Brian Tulloch - Sticks & Feathers Predators

Greg Savage

Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Lori Skinner - Hit Squad Friday's Sports Bar
2nd Carol Robins - Alley Kats Most Sportsmanlike Team
3rd Darlene Rainey - Hit Squad Predators & Sticks & Feathers
Top Teams Most Improved Players per Team
1st 3 in a Bed 3 in a Bed Al Sutton, Barb Csinos
2nd JBI Pods JBI Pods Terry Mader, Brian Dorrington
3rd Hurtin' Tuesdays Hurtin' Tuesdays Richard Soderquist
Blackfish Tony Steel
Top High Average Men Panthers Darryn Marshall
1st Brian Dorrington - JBI Pods Six Shooters Michael Greene
2nd Wally LeBlanc - Six Shooters Legionnaires Brad Young, Shawn Mann
3rd Dale Crewe - Legionnaires Bounty Hunters Bob Paulsen

Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Barb Csinos - 3 in a Bed James Bay Inn Pub
2nd Tina Schaefer - JBI Pods Most Sportsmanlike Team
3rd Kim Wurban - Six Shooters Blackfish & Six Shooters
Top Teams Most Improved Players per Team
1st Brewbyrds Brewbyrds Tanya Edestrand
2nd Survivors Survivors Kelly Edmiston, Theresa Gowanlock, Mark Andrews, Sharon Wilcox, Dan Milmine
3rd Bullshooters Conspiracy Joanne Fryia
Bullshooters Patti Stoutenberg, Dave Burley, Sue Burley
Top High Average Men Pythons Dan Maley
1st Jeffery March - Survivors The Mob Linda Charlton
2nd Brian Fryia - Conspiracy Hellibutts Janet Gillis, Craig Arnold
Joint 3rd Glenn McLean - Survivors Nutz 'n Boltz Chris Rutledge
Joint 3rd John Bissell - Bullshooters Lost Cherries

Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Wendy Telford - Lost Cherries Boston Pizza - Saanich Plaza
2nd Terry Aitken - Pythons Most Sportsmanlike Team
3rd Louise Wymore - Pythons Bullshooters & The Mob