Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of games are there?
Answer:They are many different games that you can play. Too many to list here but there is a website link here that shows rules for many games and they all are played differently. The two we play on this site are the Classic 501 and Tactics.

Question: How do you play 501?
Answer:501 is played by subtracting your thrown score from 501 and hitting the required double to finish.

Question: How do you Play Tactics?
Answer:Tactics is played by hitting three(3) of each number
from twenty(20) - fifteen(15),
three(3) doubles (outer ring), three(3) triples (inner ring)
and three(3) bullseyes.

Q: How do you setup your dart board properly?
Answer: From the center of the bull to floor should be 5'8". From the face of the dart board to toe line should be 7'9 1/4" and last to check these measurements are right from center of bull diagonally to toe line should be 9'7 3/8"

Q: What is the proper rotation of the board?

Answer: After intial set up of the board it is a good idea to rotate the board periodically. Start by rotating the number eight(8) or the number ten(10)wedge to the top of the board then change the number ring so the number twenty(20) is at the top. By doing this you will evenly rotate the board and never use the same number twice before rotating to the original number twenty(20) agian.

Q: Should I water my board?

Answer: Different people have different theories on this question, personally I would never ever water my board because I feel there is no real reason to water your board unless you have it under the lights 24/7 and then I would only mist it sparingly. This link is one other possiblilty www.ehow.com/how_2306592_clean-bristle-dartboard

Q: What is the best score you can hit?
Answer: The best score you can hit is one hundred and eighty(180)
which is triple twenty(20) triple twenty(20) triple twenty(20).