Jeff Aveyard Cup

Jeff Aveyard League Cup

The League Cup matches will be slotted into the play schedule. The initial team opponents will be randomly drawn.

The First League Cup round will be played on Tuesday January 8th, 2019
The Final round of the League Cup will be held on Saturday May 4th, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Please remember to play only 6 singles matches. No ties for Jeff Aveyard League Cup.

The Final Eight Teams are:

Spearchuckers Young Guns Devils Dart Flights
Outlaws Pirates Hitmen Cavaliers

The draw for the FIRST round is as follows:
vs Away
Cobras vs Devils
Spearchuckers vs Motherchuckers
Pirates vs Thorns
Outlaws vs Treblemakers
Hitmen vs Stags
Chiefs vs Young Guns
DMDC vs Dart Flights
Cavaliers vs Bye